English Academy Santa Claus is a private family school, with a basis of personalised education.

It offers a superior quality of teaching and individualised attention. At English Academy Santa Claus, we follow the evolution of each student personally, keeping track of both their personal and academic development.

Our goal is to aid the boys and girls in becoming enterprising and independent young people, by helping them to overcome obstacles and bring out the best in themselves, in accordance with their abilities and interests. We work to ensure that every student discovers her or his strengths and gains a solid base in knowing how to confront future challenges, regardless of the paths they follow.

We reinforce and cement values such as respect, understanding of others and harmony with their surroundings. We prioritise the relationship between students and teachers, in addition to mutual respect between the students themselves. We are a rigorous school, where consciousness of limits, respect for those around us and good manners are extremely important values.

Over the last 50 years, we have adapted to new social, environmental and technological challenges, in a calm and meditated way. We have done this from all perspectives, academic, social, cognitive and emotional. We are constantly incorporating new methodologies, with new pedagogical tools and academic programmes.

We have always maintained a focus on teaching as being practical, active and experimental but without abandoning its theoretical base, academic rigour and the consolidation of learning.


English Academy Santa Claus offers an environment which welcomes tradition and creativity.

We attach great importance to creative endeavours, such as art and craft, theatre and language, as mediums of expression and for this reason, the children work in these areas from the very beginning. We maintain that it is important to encourage creativity, curiosity and enthusiasm for things, in the children, as values for the future. We not only teach but also educate.

We maximise the importance of the individual for the group and also vice versa, working on empathy and teamwork.

Our work method is solid because it helps our students to be organised and disciplined, as much in their personal lives, as in their professional futures.

We provide an atmosphere in which the boys and girls are able to flourish physically, emotionally, creatively and cognitively, because we are aware that education is an asset that never devalues.

We offer all of this, via a formula which is accessible and affordable for families.