Educational Goal

English Academy Santa Claus is a trilingual, private Early Years and Primary school, which began its educational work in 1965.

Its founder – English by nationality but well integrated in our country – gave it a culturally and linguistically plural stamp which, along with the official curriculum, forms part of the unique character of our school.

In the beginning, English Academy Santa Claus followed the Montessori methodology. However, throughout 50 years of experience the school has continued adapting to new realities, by combining different pedagogic methods and incorporating didactic innovations. Thus, without sacrificing the Montessori philosophy, English Academy Santa Claus has developed a strong academic goal, within its own identity, which permits us to produce dynamic learning processes, in order that the students might reach their full potential.

With great rigour and a highly qualified teaching staff, English Academy Santa Claus continues to be a strong and innovative educational project, which is both accessible and affordable for families.