Letter from the founder

Welcome to English Academy Santa Claus!

In 1965, a long way from my country of birth, I wanted to give my three daughters an education that was as close as possible to the British system and I founded a school with a deeply British and familiar character. All of this was based on the premise of total English language immersion, during the years of Infant Education, and then later, during Primary Education Spanish and Catalan would also be taught, in addition to maintaining a good level of English.

We spent our first three years in a small building in carrer Iradier and then, with an increasing number of students, we moved to our current location, carrer Lleó XIII. Coincidentally, it was Pope León XIII who spearheaded the movement for general education, so there could not be a better location for the school.

So family-oriented has the school been, right from its beginnings, that a number of my family members played a part in choosing a name for it. As the patron saint of children, Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) seemed like an ideal choice for our name. English Academy referenced our high level of specialisation in the English language.

During the first Christmas festival, Santa Claus arrived in a carriage, drawn by a white horse (which was still allowed, back then), with his sack full of stories for all of the students. Today, half a century later, faithful to this annual appointment, he continues to light up the faces of the littlest children and the staff of English Academy Santa Claus, in the very same way.

Our principal goal is the teaching of English, but without neglecting disciplines such as art, music, theatre and the sciences. Likewise, we pay special attention to our values, such as honesty, solidarity, understanding, respect for others, effort and discipline.

At the Infant Education stage and as part of the school’s educational method, it seemed very important to me that the teachers encourage the value of routines, active listening, good behaviour, understanding and forgiveness, in the children.

All of these values, combined with the learning of languages and scholastic stimulation from an early age, not only aid mental development but are also a means for achieving in other academic contexts, the professional world and life in general, in addition to increasing understanding of one’s environment and fellow human beings.

During our annual trips to the United Kingdom, students have the opportunity to put what they have learnt into practice, in a different culture and environment.

Many former pupils share their successes, in the various fields they have chosen, with me and with our current students. This makes me feel  both proud and happy!

Similarly, it is a source of satisfaction for me and for the rest of the EASC team, to know that the students are happy boys and girls when they are at the school.

Welcome to English Academy Santa Claus!

Barcelona, June 2015